Intuitive Storytelling Training

We all have an inner guide inside. Sometimes this guide speaks to us in dreams, and at other times in whatever interior language we are open to: images, words, music, flashes of inspiration. Stories are another such language. When we open to this language inside ourselves, our guide can become an Inner Storyteller.

Leo Sofer

This workshop will offer you the chance to open up more to your intuition and inner guidance. Working with the language of fairy tales, we will learn more about creative energy, deepest longing and our heart’s desire.

Practicing the skills of Intuitive Storytelling, we will open up to our inner visualising and inner listening, and invite our intuition to express itself through us. Telling such stories requires presence, self-compassion and trust. Together we will create an atmosphere of safety and mutual support that facilitates this tender, powerful exploration.

Feedback from Previous Introductory Workshops…

What I really enjoyed about the workshop was Leo’s presence; his ability to help us all enter our own vulnerability with compassion. The passion for the storytelling was clear and inspiring – and the guidance to listen to the callings from within was expertly and sensitively explained. He made it easy to drop from the intellect into intuition – in a non-judgemental way towards self.
I loved the way Leo played music to bring us back into the moment. Everything felt very balanced. He was compassionate, caring and attentive to people’s sharings. He was always able to respond – to support people in whatever was happening with them – and reflected it beautifully. No shame. All compassion and excellent tips for better practice, helping each find their way on their path – whatever level they are practicing at. So supportive and encouraging this lost art. Thank you a million times.

Chetna Lawless

This was a very intense, very touching process of discovery: uncovering the constant flow of stories to which I have access.

Annika Hofmann

This workshop was really exciting and I enjoyed absolutely everything about it. It was very well organised and Leo created a great atmosphere. It has been really wonderful to discover that this method really works and that I can trust that the story will come. Vulnerability can be a key to great things!

Kirsti Grønning

 When I went to Leo Sofer’s course on intuitive storytelling I had already worked a bit with improvised storytelling, but the workshop changed my attitude towards the work and gave me a new and much more meaningful approach that made it much deeper, alive and colorful. We entered a place where new stories came alive in an effortless way. I have continued the work with a colleague and entered a new unknown world of wonderful spontaneous stories from a store that never dries up. I get suprised over and over again that it is possible to ask a question or raise a topic and get answers from the intuitive stories. I have also told spontaneous stories in front of different audiences together with my colleague after the workshop and am amazed that it is possible to make interesting stories that work on the spot. I am very grateful for Leo’s workshop and his work has inspired me deeply.

Ylva Sjaastad

I experienced Intuitive storytelling as a way of being together which connects people together in harmony. It was like going into a new and unknown world. It was deeply meaningful and calming to find inward springs and allow them to pour forth. The treasures in the inner landscape took forms that were alive, multitudinous and full of meaning.

   Inger Nitter

I have looked forward to Leo’s workshop for many years. I knew that I had a muse who spoke to me, and absolutely relished the chance to share the experience of speaking in the moment. The workshop was everything I hoped for and more, and I long for more of the same.

Steph Newall-Smith

The two days were carefully structured, building understanding of the process, trust in ourselves and each other. I have learned to trust my inner self and to actively ask for it’s involvement. I have realized that there is a bottomless well of stories that I can draw upon and also receive from other people. I have loved experiencing how stories speak to my mind, my heart and my soul.


I feel like I have passed through a doorway. My experience of intuitive storytelling was gently powerful and very affirming. I feel a renewed confidence in my ability to communicate with my indwelling presence – in all aspects of my life, not just storytelling. I feel lighter, more open about my continuing journey with self, more confident and a gentle buzz of anticipation.

Lucy Starchild