Deepening Retreats

The Deepening Retreats are a chance to immerse ourselves in the work of Intuitive Storytelling. They are open to anyone, although people who have not previously attended one of Leo’s trainings will have a One Day Intro immediately before the retreat.

There will be many opportunities to practice telling intuitive stories, both in pairs and in small groups.

We will go deeply into the work of emotional honesty, and tap into our hearts’ deepest longings.

We will explore several gateways to intuition: the body, the inner child, and more.

These retreats also offer the experience of living in a supportive creative community as we live, eat and work together for four days.

Each participant will get direct coaching from Leo, in one to one sessions or while telling to the whole group.


For people who haven’t worked with Leo before: Tuesday 11th November 2014 at 6pm
For everyone else: Wednesday 12th November at 6pm


Sunday 16th November at 4pm


A spacious and newly renovated old farmhouse, beautifully located by the forest. Petersholmsvej 165, Torrild, 8300 Odder (25km south of Aarhus)

The newly renovated farmhouse is 25km south of Aarhus

The newly renovated farmhouse is 25km south of Aarhus


Nearest airports are Aarhus Airport and Billund Airport. Nearest train station is Skanderborg st., from which we can organize a pick-up service.
You can check train-schedules at


All participants are asked to help out once or twice per day with tasks such as dishwashing and preparing meals. The kitchen is modern, spacious and well-equipped for accommodating larger groups. Meals will be healthy, vegetarian and to a large extent organic. It is the intention to take care of special dietary needs you might have, and you can indicate such needs to Mathias when you book.

Participants share tasks such as dishwashing and preparing meals

Participants share tasks such as dishwashing and preparing meals


3900 – 5400 DKR depending on sleeping option. Includes all meals and accommodation.
1100 DKR additional fee for One Day Intro.

To apply: Contact Mathias Granum,

Feedback from Past Deepening Retreats

Leo Sofer is a heart-warming mix of a humble teacher, a powerful storyteller and a compassionate human being with a true longing to reach out to his listeners and convey meaning and love through the stories he receives. In the ongoing workshops on intuitive storytelling splendidly and caringly lead and facilitated by him, he is part captain, part co-explorer in a true voyage of exploration into the realms of the unknown and the unseen.

As a professional storyteller with a longing that echoes his own, I can’t stress enough how invaluable these workshops are for me and the development and tuning of my craft and my connection to the vast landscapes of symbols, myths and images that we all share on a deep, deep level. The workshops are intensely meaningful for me, both as a human being and as a conveyer of stories. Well, not that there’s a need to separate the two. The telling of stories is intrinsic to being human. The main question is: What stories DO we tell? And how do they affect our world, both inner and outer? Through Leo’s workshops, I am strengthening my bond to the stories that are told from the heart. The stories that mend and the stories that reveal.
We need those stories.

Torgrim Mellum Stene, Storyteller, Norway.